Rainbow Loom Instructions

Welcome to The Classloom!

Take this as your school to rainbow looming. Learn and experience this new hobby the fun and easy way. Videos, pictures, bands and looms will be our learning materials, comments and tips will serve as our facilitators and making our own loom band bracelets and charms will be our practical examinations. The satisfaction and happiness we get at the end will be our final grade, which in that case would always make us feel like a straight A student.

Rainbow loom instructions in this site are categorized according to the level of difficulty and the complexity of each design. Begin by learning all the basics and explore the extent of your abilities. Little by little you will get a hang of how to go about with this craft and you can start making the more advanced and intricate designs. Who knows you might even create one of your own.

Each of the instructional videos that are posted on this site were carefully chosen based on video quality and how effective it was in giving the rainbow loom instructions. Our team, your loommates, will share our personal experiences, tips and comments about each design. We would of course love to hear from you too! This way we will both get a clearer idea on how to go along with making the design and following patterns with minimal errors and to ensure the beauty of the finished design.

What are you waiting for? Get your looming materials from the SUPPLY STORE and let’s get started!

Take this journey of learning with us as we discover the wonders of rainbow looming.

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